WMUR turns 50

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 18:26:28 EST 2004

  Kevin Vahey wrote:

> I could remind them of an ugly newcast at 11 back in 1968
> The newsman back then devised the perfect way to have an affair, he
> would tape the Friday night 11 PM news at 7
> One night the trusty AMPEX 1000 failed and the news was shown at 11 with
> audio and his picture on a color slide.
> Oh and in the meantime Russia had invaded the Czechs.
> Another night ABC in NY called asking if we had footage on a plane crash
> in W Lebanon, NH. I replied "what plane crash?"

   Someone once told me of another WMUR news gaffe from the golden era,
don't know if this is true or urban legend.

   One late night or early morning there was a major fire somewhere in
Northern NH, I believe it was Berlin, and on the WMUR 6PM news, they
apparently had a second camera that night, for a "live report from Berlin".
The reporter was standing outside 1819 Elm St (the former WMUR studios)
doing the live shot. The film of the fire rolled, back to the reporter to
wrap up the report. As he was finishing up, a Manchester Transit Authority
bus drove by behind the reporter. How did that Manchester bus get that far
off route? <g>

 Mark Watson

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