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Yes, WBZ 1030 Remained on the air when Hurricane Carol came through Boston
in 1954. I have an aircheck of the actuality. Facinating listening.

Ron Gitschier
Palm Coast, FL
(Formerly, Lowell, MA, and, wllh-wssh 1978)

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From: "Donna Halper" <dlh@donnahalper.com>
> >The news pic had him "Oh no-ing" with his hand on his forehead.
> Yes, the WBZ tower fell in the late summer of 1954, as I recall-- I have
several news clippings and pictures of it.  It's amazing nobody was  killed.
In fact, both WBZ radio and WBZ TV remained on the air, if my
> memory serves... (I was just a kid, and much of Boston lost power, but
thanks to the ubiquitous transistor radios, we were able to hear the
news...)   And how about the WHIL tower (remember old WHIL?) on Revere
> Beach Parkway in Medford?  I have an article from 5 September 1957:  198
Foot Radio Tower Crashes to Ground, Misses Studio.

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