Wan Sun

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The offender was a station in Memphis or a suburb. That station runs 50 kW
days, I think and nondirectional IIRC--though maybe only 10 kW CH. The night
power is a lot lower and the night pattern protects WBZ. The problem was
that they just about never used the night pattern or power.

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> > Late Saturday afternoon in Lebanon, NH, I also heard WWGB fighting it
out with
> > 'BZ. Had never before heard anything other than 'BZ on 1030 in northern
> > England, day or night...
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> > Sid Whitaker
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> Several years ago, I could hear interference to WBZ's signal at
> night from a station in Tennessee (there are two outlets in
> Gore Country;  I heard a reference or two to something
> having to do with TN, but I never got a station ID).  Then it
> stopped, maybe the folks at 1170 SFR got wind of it and complained.
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