Wan Sun

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Mon Dec 6 20:02:35 EST 2004

>Several years ago, I could hear interference to WBZ's signal at
>night from a station in Tennessee (there are two outlets in
>Gore Country;  I heard a reference or two to something
>having to do with TN, but I never got a station ID).  Then it
>stopped, maybe the folks at 1170 SFR got wind of it and complained.

I do believe that was the operation in/near Memphis; it gave the engineers 
at BZ quite a bit of trouble in the mid-90s when I was there.

And speaking of "Wan Sun," I had some egg rolls there the other 
day...mighty tasty! <rimshot, followed by groans>

-s, who really does have the "House Poon Chinese Restaurant" just down the 
road, and who's all hopped up on pain pills after getting three teeth 
pulled this afternoon...

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