FCC...making sense?

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Mon Aug 30 20:04:47 EDT 2004

Dan writes:

> That's right and American citizens have shown through the
> ratings that they
> don't want more coverage of public affairs.

I'm a free marketer, too, but I struggle with the chicken/egg.  Ratings as a
clear reflection of what the market wants? If you offer the customer three types
of soup and then "rate" those three types, we can't then extrapolate those
results to infer that the public has spoken.

the TV networks should force people to watch
> more public
> affairs because it is good for them.  That's elitism at its worse.

The Fourth Estate has been weakening, particularly radio news -- those two words
practically oxymoronic. Local newspapers are folding faster than three dollar
suitcases.  The "big three" have deferred meat and potatoes reporting to thirty
minutes a day and whatever they can on cable holdings.

Bill O'Neill

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