Donna Quoted in CBS Marketwatch

Donna Halper
Sun Apr 4 18:26:18 EDT 2004

>Dan B wrote--
>Typical.  NPR can't be criticized so commercial radio must be to blame for
>Edwards' ouster.  In recognition of the FCC's crack down on indecency, I
>will refrain from saying what I really think of this spin on the story and
>use the less offensive term of journalistic malpractice.

Hey I didn't write it, and I think all the author was trying to do was say 
there are increasingly fewer intelligent choices, be they from the right or 
from the left, for people to listen to.  Lots of ranters, lots of 
screamers, but not a lot of people like let's say David Brudnoy, or Bob 
Edwards. (Btw, the CBS media watch column actually tends to be rather 
conservative, if you've read past editions...)

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