Today's LTAR: beautiful to rock; FM sports

Sun Nov 30 13:23:08 EST 2003

Bob Nelson wrote:

>MAYBE Entercom would MOVE WEEI to 93.7 for a solid "no
>static at all" signal for sports talk and the Sox. Of
>course some folks said it probably wouldn't happen
>(WQSX doesn't reach all of the metro
>area, though it's certainly solid north of town...and
>what would E-com do with 850?, etc.)
>So maybe that won't happen but who knows? I think
>someone even suggested moving WAAF to 93.7 and WEEI
>could latch on to 107.3...But the one thing that I
>doubt will happen would be a THIRD sports talk station
>in town.

I thought that 93.7 was doing just fine with the rhythmic CHR/gold 
format.  Isn't that part of the reason Dale was let go?  Certainly that 
frequency is getting the best numbers it's ever gotten.  As for moving 
WAAF, does 93.7 have a better signal in the city than 107.3?

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