Today's LTAR: beautiful to rock; FM sports

Bob Nelson
Sun Nov 30 11:48:56 EST 2003

On today's Let's Talk about Radio on WJIB, Bob and Dan
talked about:

--a "beautiful music" station in Rome/Utica, NY
switching rather abruptly to rock. This reminds me of
the first episode of "WKRP in Cincinnatti" where
Johnny Caravella (Howard Hesseman) drags the needle
across a record, turns on the mike, and says, "OK,
Cincinnatti it is time for this town to get down!
You've got Johnny--Dr. Johnny FEVER and I am burning
up in here! We're all in critical condition, babies,
and you can tell me where it hurts..." and soon after
went into a raucous rock record. Anyway, kind of an
abrupt change :)

--also they discussed how we were bringing up the
possibility of sports talk on FM in Boston in '04.
They seemed to suggest it would be a new, "third
sports talker" in Boston and there wouldn't be room
for 3 sports talkers in town. Well, I did see one post
on one or more of these boards saying "perhaps there
will be a sports talk FM in town" and I speculated
that maybe what with the all-Christmas on WQSX, this
was a sign that there would be a format change and
MAYBE Entercom would MOVE WEEI to 93.7 for a solid "no
static at all" signal for sports talk and the Sox. Of
course some folks said it probably wouldn't happen
(WQSX doesn't reach all of the metro
area, though it's certainly solid north of town...and
what would E-com do with 850?, etc.)

So maybe that won't happen but who knows? I think
someone even suggested moving WAAF to 93.7 and WEEI
could latch on to 107.3...But the one thing that I
doubt will happen would be a THIRD sports talk station
in town.

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