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Sat Nov 29 18:51:46 EST 2003

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On Sat, 29 Nov 2003 6:48pm, RBB wrote:
> Could anyone on this list, perhaps, give me some details of WTAO-TV 
> Channel
> 56 (power, haat, coverage pattern, range, etc.)
> as well as WXHR-FM when both were operating from atop Mt. Zion in 
> Woburn, MA
> in the 1950's? (Just how high is Mt. Zion anyway?)
> Any additional information about their audience numbers or kind of
> advertising for the limited programming both stations had then, like 
> when
> both were signing on about 5 p.m. and signoff at 11 p.m.  The TV side 
> had
> old b/w movies, some Dumont and ABC network shows, a few PSA shows, and 
> you
> needed a UHF adapter with bow-tie antenna to receive the usually snowy
> picutre.  Any idea who the two engineers were (Joe and another engineer
> (name?) who brought his wife to the xmtr on Sunday night?) - I have 
> their
> photo, if anyone can identify them back then.
> The FM programmed just classical music, and there was a gal announcing 
> with
> a British accent on Sunday nights? Who?
> And...what broadcast facilities are on Mt. Zion now?  Did they take 
> down the
> Ch.56 and XHR towers, or move the xmtrs from that building on top?  
> When?
> I'm attempting to research that time period (mid-50's) when I did a 
> Sunday
> night, live TV variety show from that site (albeit with just one Dage
> industrial b/w camera with a zoom lens!) I have some photos of the 
> program,
> now I'd like to put this additional and technical information together.
> (Did anybody on the list happen to see that show?) Thanks in advance 
> for
> your reply and recollections.
> =Russ Butler  oldradio@earthlink.net

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