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On 29 Nov 2003 at 15:43, RBB wrote:

> Could anyone on this list, perhaps, give me some details of WTAO-TV
> Channel 56 (power, haat, coverage pattern, range, etc.) as well as WXHR-FM
> when both were operating from atop Mt. Zion in Woburn, MA in the 1950's?
> (Just how high is Mt. Zion anyway?)

I believe it's called "Zion Mountain."  Mt. Zion is in Jerusalem.
> Any additional information about their audience numbers or kind of
> advertising for the limited programming both stations had then, like when
> both were signing on about 5 p.m. and signoff at 11 p.m.  

When I first got an FM radio in 1958, WXHR was signing on at 4:30 PM.  A year or two later, 
they became affiliated with the QXR network and began signing on at 7 AM.  They eventually 
dropped the QXR network (perhaps WQXR dropped it, too by then), but continued a full 
broadcast day.  I once spoke to them on the phone, and they told me that they had cut back 
to a 4:30 sign on because of the late-50s recession.  I don't know when or how long their 
broadcast day was before that.

> The FM programmed just classical music, and there was a gal announcing
> with a British accent on Sunday nights? Who?

Janet Baker-Carr.  Robert J. Lurtsema was also a regular announcer in those days.
I believe the facilities were still on Zion Mountain in the late 60s, when the stations were sold 
to Kaiser-Globe Broadcasting.  I know they were still there in summer 1965, when I went 
there to try to get a summer job.

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