Christmas 103

Dan Bourret
Wed Nov 26 08:33:12 EST 2003

It appears that Oldies 103.3 is in fact going to stick
with "all Christmas" right through December.  Someone
there said that they are getting nothing but
compliments on the choice (of course I am sure they
wouldn't say otherwise), but it seems like it is here
to stay.  They are able to offer an extremely wide
selection though 'cause they are not just playing
Christmas oldies.  They are playing "Christmas oldies
and your holiday favorites."

Just between yesterday and today, I have heard "Last
Christmas" by George Michael (late '80's/early 90's
tune) as well "Christmas Vacation" (also '80's).  Then
I heard some tunes from Mariah Carey and Whitney
Houston.  I think this variety will work with the
Oldies demographic and not cause any major backlash.

--- Roger Kirk <> wrote:
> After listening this evening, it appears they are
> serious about playing
> Christmas tunes until the 25th.  It doesn't have
> many of the earmarks of a
> stunt. Not ludicrous, not extreme e.g. playing the
> same tune over and over
> agin 24 hours a day, not totally automated, all
> staff blown out, etc...
> This could be the start of a new era in subtle,
> logical, believeable
> stunting.  However oxymoronic that might sound.

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