Where I Was 40 Years Ago (a radio story)

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 03:21:03 EST 2003

--- hopfgapr@sprynet.com wrote:
> I was just 2 weeks shy of my 6th birthday, and had
> come home from school (1st Grade) when the man I
> appaerntly called "John F The Kennedy" was shot.

I was just shy of my 2nd birthday so I don't quite
remember all this. But tonight at the start of
his WTKK talk show (tape delayed 7 hours), Sean
Hannity played a brief montage of radio coverage
via ABC radio's Dallas affiliate (at the time
and perhaps still), WBAP (820).

The other night PBS was re-broadcasting "The
Kennedys" and they re-aired the famous footage
of Walter Cronkite (taking off and putting on
his glasses as he scanned the bulletin) saying
"...and now the flash, apparently official,
President Kennedy died today in Dallas at
12:35 pm local time" etc.

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