make your opinions count with ACNielsen

Thu Nov 20 08:26:52 EST 2003

Matthew Osborne wrote:
>I was curious
>     Did everybody on this list get an email from AC
>Neilsen Homescan Consumer Panel with the above
>subject?  Looks like Nielsen is now expanding its
>ratings' services to include rating consumer products.

Neilsen has been rating things other than television for some time.  While 
I didn't get the email in question, a few years ago I was part of an 
internet use survey.  Essentially there was a background program that 
tracked all web use.  I think I got $50 every 3 months or something like 
that.  Eventually I decided that I didn't  want any more spyware in my 
computer (at least that I was aware of) and removed it.  They have 
periodically bugged me to reconsider.

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