Cable FM Reception

Fitzpatrick, Mike
Mon Nov 17 20:29:50 EST 2003

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> On Sun, 16 Nov 2003 16:14:18 -0800 "Peter Q. George"
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>   How?  Easy! FM Cable!
> > Back in the 1970's Albany/Schenectady and Troy were
> > already wired for cable, for years.  One of the
> > little
> > perks with cable TV was that it came with all-band
> > FM
> > reception, usually from an non-DA receive antenna
> > system located at the "headend".
> Whatever happened to that?  Anybody here know
> what happened?
>                                 Matt Osborne
>                                 Poughkeepsie, NY

Sure do, if your cable system is Adelphia or Comcast, it is because instead
of listening to "cost effective" FM on the cable, they would rather have you
buy their Digital Music Choice package. Why should they get away with giving
people something cost effective that benefits the customer so now instead
you have to RENT a clumsy box, PAY for digital cable, and the clear winner
here is the cable operators. This was the reason explained to me by unnamed
people at Adelphia and Comcast (names withheld to protect my only inside
contacts into either  :-)  ). Chances are that's why so many others did

--Mike Fitzpatrick.

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