WESX & WJDA Playing Unforgettable Favorites

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Sat Nov 15 11:57:36 EST 2003

--- Mark Watson <markwats@comcast.net> wrote:
>    I noticed over the last few weeks that co-owned
> WESX (1230 Salem MA) and
> WJDA (1300 Quincy MA) have been sounding more AC
> with none of the "Stardust"
> satellite standards they have been playing for
> several years.

A tape trader asked me recently for a side of each
and when I rolled tape I noticed that, indeed,
it is more AC or AC/oldies...

> Favorites is the format for targeting the growing
> and successful 35-54
> audience." The music I've heard is soft AC hits from
> the late 50's -early
> 60's through the 70's and 80's, similar to WPLM-FM
> (99.1 Plymouth MA).

There are stations like WJIB for the more
"standards"/easy audience (i.e., not necessarily
soft AC). 

I'm hearing more and more about the Real Oldies
format, too; the addition of Little Walter to
WXKS (starting Nov. 22, Sat. at 11 am) has led
some to wonder if they will start running the
R.O. format (50s and 60s pop/rock; for those
disenchanted with how oldies stations are
doing "Beatles to disco"). As the old Saturday
Night Live sketch put it, "Send More Chuck Berry"!

(For those who don't remember the sketch, it
was during the first years of the show-- a
roundtable discussion of psychics making predictions.
It was said that the Voyager spacecraft
was sent into outer space containing various human
artifacts, including music ranging from classical
to Chuck Berry. A psychic played by Steve Martin
is asked what will be the headline of next week's
Time magazine. He predicts that aliens who found
the spaceship will send a message back to us,
and the message will be the headline of next
week's Time: "Send More Chuck Berry" :))

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