"Let It Be... Half-Naked" on 'ODS

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Fri Nov 14 09:01:36 EST 2003

  Bob Nelson wrote:

>I also heard the "making of..." special beforehand.
>Of course, Infinity stations across the nation
>were doing this...a friend sent me a tape of
>"K-Earth" in L.A. and they mentioned that they'd
>be playing the album at 7 pm (PT) on 11/13 (though no
>mention of a "making of..." special there).

I wasn't able to hear the "making of" part...there was a planning board 
meeting in the town I live in that concerned a potential development on 
property that abuts mine, and the meeting dragged on and on...   Heard the 
album though...wasn't all that impressed...LIB was never one of my favorite 
Beatles albums anyway and after hearing it the same way for 33 years the 
de-Spectorized version didn't sound right.  I think I'll pass on buying the CD.

I tuned out shortly after they finished tracking the album...I didn't 
really see the point of putting artists who had nothing to do with the 
Beatles on to gush over it.  (JC Chasez???  John Lennon was already gone 
before he was even born!, Sheryl Crow and Billy Joel just sounded spaced 
out or drunk...neither added a thing imho).

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