"Let It Be... Half-Naked" on 'ODS

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 03:08:14 EST 2003

--- Eli Polonsky <elipolo@earthlink.net> wrote:
> After weeks of promotion and hype for the debut of
> "Let It Be...
> Naked", WODS only aired the right stereo channel of
> it into both
> channels (R to L+R) through about the first seven
> songs.

Hmm--I thought it sounded weird! I listened to it at
work (in the post office) and during early songs,
some vocals or instruments sounded slightly far
off...and then there was one point where all of a
sudden it went to "full stereo" like you said
and I could really hear the difference! Oh well;
prob. will buy the album anyway, to get full effect
and "bonus disc". (I taped both hours via a Panasonic
recordable portable cass., though reception in my post
office isn't the best so some slight fuzz...)

I also heard the "making of..." special beforehand.
Of course, Infinity stations across the nation
were doing this...a friend sent me a tape of
"K-Earth" in L.A. and they mentioned that they'd
be playing the album at 7 pm (PT) on 11/13 (though no
mention of a "making of..." special there).

> I gather that the program was available nationally
> throughout
> any appropriately formatted (oldies, classic rock)
> stations in
> the CBS/Infinity chain.

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