Today's LTAR: Liberal network

A. Joseph Ross
Tue Nov 11 00:25:47 EST 2003

On 10 Nov 2003 at 1:43, Donna Halper wrote:

> I actually miss being on the air fulltime.  I don't know if I'd categorise
> myself as 'liberal'-- I am more of a moderate who is liberal about some
> things and lean conservative on certain issues (believe it or don't).  But
> I do have a lot of opinions (as you probably know!) and I used to do a
> talk show many years ago.  Not sure I could be rude and nasty enough for
> the way talk seems to be done these days, but I would love to go back on
> the air if the opportunity and the salary were right... 

Unfortunately, I suspect the best way to do it would be the way Arnie Ginsburg did many 
years ago.  Buy the time, get the sponsors, develop a following, until some other station 
makes you an offer.

An alternative might be to get a slot on a station like WMBR, which will sometimes put 
members of the community on the air, especially in summer, when students are away.  But 
I'm not sure that would translate as well to a regular commercial gig.

Either way, you'd have to do some promotion to develop a following.

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