NH, VT Public Radio applaud $200 million gift from

Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Mon Nov 10 12:38:45 EST 2003

> As I pointed out a couple of months back on another
> on-line forum devoted to Boston Radio, the funding
> that Public Broadcasting receives from the Federal
> Government (roughly $380 million according to CPB's
> 2002 annual report) is but a fly speck in the context
> of  total US government expenditures of 2 trillion
> dollars. 
But, to twist a quote, a flyspeck here and a flyspeck there, we're paying
for a lot of crap.  Everyone wants to pay less taxes but God forbid their
sacred cow gets sacrificed.  The purpose of government is to provide us
protection for danger, both internal and external, to provide us with a set
of laws and to provide us with a basic education.  It should also provide a
safety net for those who need an opportunity to get back on their feet. It
is not a "big brother" whose responsibility is to provide me a job, educate
me as to what its perception of art is or otherwise absolve me from taking
responsibility for my own life.

Items such as funding for the arts, NPR and similar items are not essential
government services.  Despite what their backers may say, none of us will
die if any of these services were to terminate tomorrow.  If we took all the
"flyspecks" from these programs, we could build more schools, hire more
teachers, provide better pay for the soldiers that place their lives on the
line for us, etc.  Let the free market fund the arts.

Off of my soap box for now.


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