Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon Nov 10 05:39:34 EST 2003

It may be my imagination, but I suspect that WCRN has been operating after
midnight with more than 5 kW. Maybe Mr Glavin could provide a
signal-strength reading. I suppose that this could be some sort of testing
in preparation for the station's increase to 50 kW-N. However, the CP to
increase night power was granted only a couple of weeks ago and I don't
think the FCC allows stations to begin construction for 60 days after the
grant of such a CP. Also, WCRN's CP calls for the addition of a tower and,
of course, a new phasing network. A tower could go up within weeks, but,
except in emergencies, such as the loss of a tower, construction usually
takes much longer. Phasing networks are all custom designed and built so
they tend to take a LONG time to deliver. (Ask WBIX and WAZN; those stations
placed orders for phasors well over a year ago and are apparently still
waiting for delivery. Meanwhile, WBIX's CP expired and, according to a
posting at radio-info.com, has had to be tolled. Tolling is the name of a
legal procedure that stops the clock on a process that would otherwise
expire without possibility of reinstatment.) Anyhow, if WCRN is taking
advantage of the midnight-to-6:00 AM experimental period, the station isn't
supposed to broadcast commercial messages while it uses facilities different
from those specified in its license. I've heard commercials during the
overnight hours when I suspect WCRN has been running more than its currently
licensed 5 kW-N.

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