Insurance company spots (was: American Top 40 Theme)

Rick Kelly
Wed Dec 24 13:41:52 EST 2003

-- "A. Joseph Ross" <> wrote:

>> back in the mid-
1950s, when I lived in the Albany area, every Wednesday, WRGB in Schenectady would 
blank out the national commercials on Howdy Doody in favor of local commercials.  This 
apparently was because Wonder Bread and Hostess Cupcakes was the sponsor on Wednesdays, and they weren't sold in the Albany area.  I suspect that was also the reason that WRGB didn't carry Howdy Doody when it moved from weekdays to Saturday morning in 1956.

I always (excuse the pun)Wondered if it wasn't because they they ran the Freddy Freihofer Show with Uncle Jim Fisk.  Seems to me it was on in the afternoon/weekdays.  Maybe they didn't wish to upset the Freihofer revenue stream apple cart.

-Rick Kelly

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