Insurance company spots (was: American Top 40 Theme)

A. Joseph Ross
Wed Dec 24 20:45:22 EST 2003

On 24 Dec 2003 at 18:41, Rick Kelly wrote:

> I always (excuse the pun)Wondered if it wasn't because they they ran the
> Freddy Freihofer Show with Uncle Jim Fisk.  Seems to me it was on in the
> afternoon/weekdays.  Maybe they didn't wish to upset the Freihofer revenue
> stream apple cart.

Ah, yes, Freddy Freihofer, which was on just before Howdy Doody every day.  I don't know if 
I remember Uncle Jim Fisk.  In the four years that I lived in the Albany area, they went 
through quite a few hosts -- Ralph Kana, Ed Joyce, Bud Mason, and at least one more.  
Maybe that was Uncle Jim Fiske, but I don't think I was watching much by then because 
Howdy Doody wasn't there any more.

I suppose it's possible that Freihofers Bakery had something to do with it, but I do think that 
Wonder Bread and Hostess Cupcakes weren't being sold in the Albany area at the time.

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