American Top 40 Theme

Mark Watson
Mon Dec 22 22:29:09 EST 2003

 Bill O'Neill wrote:

> I recall in the 80s having to delete any State Farm spots from the ABC
>inventory that may have fed since they were not licensed in Mass.

 Ditto when I was at WHAV back in the mid 80's, when they were running
Satellite Music Network's AC format overnights and most of the weekend, it
seems State Farm had network spots every hour. A pain to say the least, as
we didn't have network spot logs handy to clue us in. If we heard the State
Farm spot strt to run, we were supposed to pot down the network and cover
with a PSA. But since we didn't have a network spot log in the studio, one
didn't know if it was a :30 or a :60.

Mark Watson (Like a good neighbor......)

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