Insurance company spots (was: American Top 40 Theme)

Tue Dec 23 07:59:39 EST 2003

Mark Watson wrote:
>  Ditto when I was at WHAV back in the mid 80's, when they were running
>Satellite Music Network's AC format overnights and most of the weekend, it
>seems State Farm had network spots every hour. A pain to say the least, as
>we didn't have network spot logs handy to clue us in. If we heard the State
>Farm spot strt to run, we were supposed to pot down the network and cover
>with a PSA. But since we didn't have a network spot log in the studio, one
>didn't know if it was a :30 or a :60.

Not to ask a stupid question, but why can't you run State Farm or Allstate 
commercials in Mass?
Does the state ban insurance company advertising?

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