WBZ Production (Was: Storm hype?)

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Tue Dec 16 10:39:09 EST 2003

Steve writes:

> Speaking of production clichés, is anyone as tired as I am
> with the fad of
> the past few years on music stations for sweepers where every
> one seems to
> be :15 or longer with movie clips, pseudo-listener
> testimonials, etc.?   It
> started with CHR, but now seems to have spread to most other music
> formats.  It just sounds so cluttered with positioning
> statement, audio
> clip, another positioning statement, another clip, handle.

I get the impression that it is getting very passe, pase, pa...  Old.  So,
there's digital editing that explodes onto the desks of even the more austere
operations.  Now, what do we do with it.  Sort of what 70s rockers did with
harmonizers.  I can't wait for the next big thing: live jocks.  Nah.

Bill O'Neill

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