WBZ Production (Was: Storm hype?)

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Tue Dec 16 08:27:42 EST 2003

Regarding WBZ's production, Roger Kirk wrote:

>>How about the two women (or one double tracked woman) yattering about 
>>Subaru Of New England All-Wheel Drive with cash back PLUS 
>>factory-to-dealer incentives PLUS, etc, PLUS...  It has flat pacing, no 
>>build, no crescendo, just drone.

Don't forget many mentions of their "classic styling" (???) and "wheels 
that slip to the wheels that grip".  Who writes this stuff?  You'd think 
they'd have someone who could write somewhat more compelling copy.

Speaking of that, who's the woman with the nasal voice who seems to do many 
of the furniture store/home center spots on 'BZ?  Boston Interiors is one 
("my friend bought her beautiful furniture at BI, you gotta check this 
place out..."), another is the carpet store ad where she's complaining 
about having to walk past the chain saws and plumbing supplies to get to 
the carpeting (don't think it's the same store).  Granted, the copy on many 
of these is rather weak, but her read seems to have all the inflections in 
the wrong places.

Chuck Igo  added:

>Seems to me that the production is effective as the message has been 
>received.  i'm surprised that you *don't* like the local WBZ production; i 
>happen to think much of it is brilliant.  yes, the repetitive drop-in 
>reference is one of *HIS* (i don't know the name of the 'BZ production 
>guru, but i'd buy him a beer if given the chance) favorite tools, and at 
>times, when through spot scheduling a couple of them fall in back-to-back 
>it's like playing the same song twice in a row.  that said, his promos and 
>especially is Lincoln Park spots are absolutely brilliant production.

Speaking of production clichés, is anyone as tired as I am with the fad of 
the past few years on music stations for sweepers where every one seems to 
be :15 or longer with movie clips, pseudo-listener testimonials, etc.?   It 
started with CHR, but now seems to have spread to most other music 
formats.  It just sounds so cluttered with positioning statement, audio 
clip, another positioning statement, another clip, handle.

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