WBZ Production (Was: Storm hype?)

chuckigo@maine.rr.com chuckigo@maine.rr.com
Tue Dec 16 05:21:45 EST 2003

Regarding WBZ's production, Garrett wrote:
>> WBZ is currently running a Paul Sullivan promo around that very matter.  (One of the few Paul Sullivan pieces that has amused me.  For that matter, one of the very few WBZ local production elements of any kind that has amused me.  I *hate* most of their locally-produced spots, of which the worst would have to be "McKinnon's Meat Market" and "Ferrell SAFETY Volvo SAFETY"; there's another one that really annoys me, but I can't think of it at the moment.  Seems to me that 'BZ's production has gone down hill since I first moved here.)<<

and additionally posted:

>>The other one that was driving me up the wall (and it's a form that
WBZ seems to have sold to several advertisers) is the one for Post
Road Carpet in Acton, where the announcer keeps on reciting parts of
the company's address, interspersed with description of the products
to be found there, and the last line runs something like "Now where is
Post Road Carpet?"<<

Seems to me that the production is effective as the message has been received.  i'm surprised that you *don't* like the local WBZ production; i happen to think much of it is brilliant.  yes, the repetitive drop-in reference is one of *HIS* (i don't know the name of the 'BZ production guru, but i'd buy him a beer if given the chance) favorite tools, and at times, when through spot scheduling a couple of them fall in back-to-back it's like playing the same song twice in a row.  that said, his promos and especially is Lincoln Park spots are absolutely brilliant production.

- -Chuck Igo

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