Storm hype?

Garrett Wollman
Mon Dec 15 23:55:52 EST 2003

<<On Mon, 15 Dec 2003 22:32:23 -0500, "rogerkirk" <> said:

> How about the two women (or one double tracked woman) yattering
> about Subaru Of New England All-Wheel Drive with cash back PLUS
> factory-to-dealer incentives PLUS, etc, PLUS...  It has flat pacing,
> no build, no crescendo, just drone.

The other one that was driving me up the wall (and it's a form that
WBZ seems to have sold to several advertisers) is the one for Post
Road Carpet in Acton, where the announcer keeps on reciting parts of
the company's address, interspersed with description of the products
to be found there, and the last line runs something like "Now where is
Post Road Carpet?"


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