Storm hype?

Mon Dec 15 22:32:23 EST 2003

Garrett Wollman opined:

>I *hate* most of their locally-produced spots, of which the worst 
>would have to be "McKinnon's Meat Market" and "Ferrell SAFETY Volvo 
>SAFETY"; there's another one that really annoys me, but I can't think 
>of it at the moment.  Seems to me that 'BZ's production has gone down 
>hill since I first moved here.

How about the two women (or one double tracked woman) yattering about Subaru Of New England All-Wheel Drive with cash back PLUS factory-to-dealer incentives PLUS, etc, PLUS...  It has flat pacing, no build, no crescendo, just drone.

They did a spot for two guys (last name: Bump) who said (in unison) "We're The Bumps" - every other sentence.   Sounded cute until about the 13th time they said it.  The run lasted about two days.  Mercifully, it was killed.

How about the contractor who tells us he's the developer of "Juniper Hell" - I know it's Juniper Hill, but the first time he says it, you could swear it's "hell".

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