Radio question for the proposed Red Sox-AlexRodrigueztrade !!!!!

Mon Dec 15 22:03:22 EST 2003

"Sean Smyth" wrote:

>there's no logical candidates for it, signal-wise, unless Infinity is 
>thinking of killing off WZLX or WODS.

Let's be realistic for a moment, here.  The word "Oldies" and all it entails are passe.  Old folks like me are invisible to radio.  

Let's turn radio programming over to those to whom it rightly belongs:  Accountants.  Just evaluate the potential audience, calculate what you can sell and turn the format knob to "optimize revenue/cost" mode.  After all, we all know that news has become entertainment (no cred) and radio has lost its ability to have fun.  Unless you're an accountant.

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