Radio-info/Boston Lit Up By WBZ Digital Signal

Eli Polonsky
Mon Dec 8 01:42:25 EST 2003

> From: Laurence Glavin <> 
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> Subject:    Radio-info/Boston Lit Up By WBZ Digital Signal 
> (BTW, one poster claimed that WJIB-AM runs AM stereo 
> during butterfly-breath power;  I believe Bob said this 
> is not so.)

I was the "poster" who claimed that. When someone asked 
which Boston area AM stations are currently in stereo, I offered 
this reply:

> 740 WJIB (stereo full-time, on both full day power and low 
> night power). 
> 1090 WILD (daytime only, the "critical" half-hour from local 
> sunset until signoff is mono). 
> 1360 WLYN (daytime only, low-power night signal is mono). 

WJIB began broadcasting in stereo on the nighttime power 
about a year ago or so. I was surprised to hear it, since the 
nighttime power had been mono for a number of years. Since 
I was in Cambridge where the signal is strong, I wondered at 
first if the station hadn't powered down from the day signal, 
but it actually was the low-power night signal, now in stereo.

Bring an AM stereo receiver to the Cambridge/Boston metro 
area and nearby suburbs some night and hear for yourself.

Eli Polonsky

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