Al Sharpton on SNL (but not here?)

Bob Nelson
Sun Dec 7 12:22:32 EST 2003

Presidential candidate the Rev. Al Sharpton hosted
"Saturday Night Live" last night on NBC.
According to AP, he portrayed Johnnie Cochrane
and one of the Three Wise Men. 

It was said in advance of the show that the four
NBC affiliates in Iowa did not air the show, since
it was feared that equal time provisions would mean
they'd have to offer time to the other eight
Democratic candidates.

Curiously, when I tuned into WHDH-TV Ch. 7 last night
to grab a peek of the show, it was not on here either;
instead, it was (probably a re-run of) a "Best of
SNL with Steve Martin". I don't know if Ch. 7 decided
to forego airing it due to the equal time deal. 
Maybe they made an error and joined the live show
in progress eventually but as far as I know Ch. 7
decided to do a re-run instead. File under
"Well, excuuuuuse me!" :)

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