Al Sharpton on SNL (but not here?)

Mark Watson
Sun Dec 7 12:31:29 EST 2003

 Bob Nelson wrote (apparently at the same time I did):

> Curiously, when I tuned into WHDH-TV Ch. 7 last night
> to grab a peek of the show, it was not on here either;
> instead, it was (probably a re-run of) a "Best of
> SNL with Steve Martin". I don't know if Ch. 7 decided
> to forego airing it due to the equal time deal.
> Maybe they made an error and joined the live show
> in progress eventually but as far as I know Ch. 7
> decided to do a re-run instead.

  I called it a night and turned the TV off about 12:30, and the Steve
Martin SNL was still airing. They didn't join the live SNL in progress. I
don't recall reading anything in the Boston papers the last few days about
Channel 7 passing on last night's SNL. Did any other New England NBC
affiliates pass on the live SNL in favor of the alternate Steve Martin feed?

Mark Watson

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