Digital cable

Ron Bello
Sun Dec 7 11:45:25 EST 2003

IIRC, the FCC mandated that consumers can own their equipment.
You can't steal / receive services that are not paid for.....using black
boxes / descramblers.  Why would there be a differentiation between
analog or digital cable ?

At 11:29 PM 12/6/03 -0500, Sean Smyth wrote:
>Slightly off-topic I know but I am curious to this ...
>Is it "illegal" to purchase a digital cable box instead of paying the $10 
>or so
>a month to rent the box? I ask because I'm home sparingly but the hassle of
>picking up/dropping off a box at the cable office and paying the $2 "change of
>service" fee to Comcast seem rather unappealing.

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