got weather?

Donna Halper
Sat Dec 6 21:24:22 EST 2003

So, it's about 9 pm and I wanted to get the latest weather report-- I mean, 
it's snowing like crazy out there, and I wanted to know what the situation 
is with this storm-- I had gone to the internet and looked at the various 
maps and an older NECN report from a couple of hours ago, but was curious 
as to what local radio was doing.  WTKK 96.9 Talk evidently wasn't talking 
about weather-- they did their usual CNN national news, and then went right 
into a show about mortgages (I was only half listening-- seemed like some 
business kind of show); WBZ, the place I usually go for news and weather, 
had a Bruins game.  In fact, many of the places I went as I scanned the 
dial didn't seem to have live humans on the air, or they had a regularly 
scheduled show that was syndicated.  Okay fine, this isn't the Blizzard of 
78, but I was just curious about what happens when people need information 
on a weekend night and hope they can find it on radio. 

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