got weather?

Dan Strassberg
Sat Dec 6 21:40:03 EST 2003

Before the Bs game began, WBZ was very agressively leading off each
10-minute segment with a pre-recorded Accu-Weather report. The reports must
be 30 sec long. I don't know how many of these 30-second pieces WBZ keeps in
its queue or how often the queue is refreshed during storm conditions, but
my guess is that you have to listen longer than 30 minutes to hear the same
Accu-Weather piece twice. Of course, that doesn't answer your question. I
doubt whether the Bs would be really happy if the game coverage were
interrupted every 10 minutes for Accu-Weather, although the technology
exists to slice 30-second chunks out of the game and then compress 10
minutes of the game down to 9:30 to keep the game coverage "live."

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> So, it's about 9 pm and I wanted to get the latest weather report-- I
> it's snowing like crazy out there, and I wanted to know what the situation
> is with this storm-- I had gone to the internet and looked at the various
> maps and an older NECN report from a couple of hours ago, but was curious
> as to what local radio was doing.  WTKK 96.9 Talk evidently wasn't talking
> about weather-- they did their usual CNN national news, and then went
> into a show about mortgages (I was only half listening-- seemed like some
> business kind of show); WBZ, the place I usually go for news and weather,
> had a Bruins game.  In fact, many of the places I went as I scanned the
> dial didn't seem to have live humans on the air, or they had a regularly
> scheduled show that was syndicated.  Okay fine, this isn't the Blizzard of
> 78, but I was just curious about what happens when people need information
> on a weekend night and hope they can find it on radio.

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