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Re: Marshfield cable TV controversy

I left the below message intact, to show what 
verbiage has tripped the "XXX" wire on my SPAM 
filters.  The slope must be getting slippery.

Roger Kirk

David Moisan wrote:

>At 01:51 PM 10/20/2003, you wrote:
>>Kind of a tough call-- should such a show stay on
>>because we have freedom of speech, or should
>>"community standards" prevail?
>Salem Access TV would air such a show, but the producer's contact info must 
>be provided to us along with a signed release, so the producer of the show 
>(and only the producer) is on the hook.
>We do teach our producers about "community standards" and the slipperiness 
>thereof.  We do emphasize that producers must "own" the things they say 
>over the air and the consequences thereof.  One of our past executive 
>directors, Bob Miot, wrote once about the time he discouraged a producer 
>from appearing naked on his own show in a "spring rite";  this was 10+ 
>years ago on the Cape.
>If I were Marshfield's ED, I would encourage the offended parties to 
>express themselves to the producer.   Given the time and effort to produce 
>TV, it'd be amazing if this producer continued for more than a few episodes 
>before getting tired of it or deciding to grow up and get a life.
>(EDITORIAL)  I don't live in Marshfield so I haven't seen the show.  I may 
>or may not find it obnoxious, but I do not want our government to be any 
>more involved with speech issues than it already has to be (e.g. ,no 
>"hate-speech" laws.)  If the programming really has gone beyond adolescent 
>locker-room talk and a crime is committed on tape (which does not yet seem 
>to be the case), there are already laws for this.
>Take care,
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>Not speaking for them
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