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RE: Marshfield cable TV controversy

--- David Moisan <dmoisan@davidmoisan.org> wrote:
> I believe that would be most certainly violative of
> "community standards", 
> as defined (or not) by the Supreme Court.  We do ask
> producers to let us 
> know if their content has any sensitive stuff, and
> we air it later at 
> night.  

Perhaps with a disclaimer. Exactly. 

Nevertheless, it's one of our nightmares
> that someone might submit 
> porn or Nazi material and I'm happy this has not
> been tested yet in our 
> history.

Right. I'm kinda divided in this; while it isn't
a show I'd tend to watch, I do support freedom
of speech-- but then again, what if many in the 
community are offended? And what about the idea
that these people are, in effect, subsidizing an
"offensive" show each month when they pay their
cable bill? 

Which also gets us into the slippery slope of
political correctness. Will people be prevented from
saying anything the least bit controversial because
someone might be offended? (Kinda reminds me of
the Stan Freberg sketch--decades before the term
"PC" came about-- in which he tries to sing "Old
Man River" but "the CBS Censor" has him change it
to "Elderly Man River"...and we can't mislead "the
tiny tots", shall we, by leaving off the "g" at the
end of words, can we? "Elderly Man River, that
Elderly Man River... He must know somethinG, but he
DOESN'T say anythinG... He just keeps rollinG..."