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Re: Marshfield cable TV controversy

At 01:51 PM 10/20/2003, you wrote:

>Kind of a tough call-- should such a show stay on
>because we have freedom of speech, or should
>"community standards" prevail?

Salem Access TV would air such a show, but the producer's contact info must 
be provided to us along with a signed release, so the producer of the show 
(and only the producer) is on the hook.

We do teach our producers about "community standards" and the slipperiness 
thereof.  We do emphasize that producers must "own" the things they say 
over the air and the consequences thereof.  One of our past executive 
directors, Bob Miot, wrote once about the time he discouraged a producer 
from appearing naked on his own show in a "spring rite";  this was 10+ 
years ago on the Cape.

If I were Marshfield's ED, I would encourage the offended parties to 
express themselves to the producer.   Given the time and effort to produce 
TV, it'd be amazing if this producer continued for more than a few episodes 
before getting tired of it or deciding to grow up and get a life.

(EDITORIAL)  I don't live in Marshfield so I haven't seen the show.  I may 
or may not find it obnoxious, but I do not want our government to be any 
more involved with speech issues than it already has to be (e.g. ,no 
"hate-speech" laws.)  If the programming really has gone beyond adolescent 
locker-room talk and a crime is committed on tape (which does not yet seem 
to be the case), there are already laws for this.

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SATV IT Coordinator
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