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Re: Reilly Attempting To Be A Factor In WEEI Flap

> > David states that "language" on black-owned stations can
> > be just as provocative as the loony badinage aired on
> > D&C.  The only black-owned stations around here are
> > WILD-AM and WBOT-FM.  Neither has any locally-produced
> > talk shows, so such "language" must be the DJ talk and the content
> > of the recorded material I assume.
> >
> > Laurence Glavin
> >

This is something I always find interesting, yet rarely seem to be able to 
find much data on...

What ARE the minority-owned stations around Boston?  It doesn't strike me 
that there are all that many, which in a way surprises me (great diversity 
around here) and yet, it really doesn't (painfully polarizing racial 
attitudes).   I can't think of any women-owned stations, for 
example...unless WZLY (Wellesley College) counts.   :-)

Does the FCC and/or CPB maintain a list somewhere of this?

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