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V-Soft Anomalies

During today's (10/19) exceptionally stellar LTAR, Bob mentioned
the website v-soft.com.  It's supposed to provide the
expected signal strength of any AM or FM signal receivable at 
a given  zip code.  I tried my zip code, 01844, and got a 
few anomalous readings.  One oversight:  it doesn't take
into account WLLH-AM 1400's Lawrence transmitter, so WLLH
is lower on the list than it ought to be.  It greatly
overrates the signal strength of WEZE-AM 590, indicating
that WEZE should be stronger than WBZ.  Not so! WBOS-FM
is shown as having a stronger signal than WGBH-FM, which
is also not true.  And Worcester outlets WSRS-FM and WAAF-FM
are near the bottom of the list, although they come in at my locale
very well indeed.  It's possible that the V-soft system
does certain calculations that don't take into account
relevant factors of the terrain difference.  The Worcester FM's can "see" very clearly to the northeast, which 
descends toward the coast.  They do much better than you would
expect over this distance.  It may also be why WHOM-FM
is not on the list...could it be that the parties hoping to
put LPFM's in Lawrence and Amesbury on 94.9 were using V-soft?

Laurence Glavin

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