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Re: WJUL is now officially WUML

  Aaron Read wrote:

> I haven't been listening to WJUL since October 15th (since I don't live or
work within the normal broadcast range) but as far as the FCC is concerned,
WJUL officially became WUML on October 15th.

> I know the folks at WJUL knew this was coming, but I wonder if anyone
remembered to tell them (and the Lowell Sunrise) on the 15th itself so they
could start using the right Legal ID.  I hope so...

   Just a couple of weeks ago, ads for Lowell Sunrise on WJUL appeared on
the ouside of several of the Lowell Regional Transit Authority buses. Maybe
they should have waited for the call letter change before putting those ads
on the buses. Now those ads are already outdated. Oh well....

   I haven't listened to 91.5 the last several days so I don't know if
they're using the new calls.

Mark Watson