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Re: Clearing Up Clear Channel Myths - Finally

I am glad Deitz let us know where his bread was buttered even though it was
at the end. It would be an interesting exercise
to look for someone to break down the market share of the other mediums,
most specifically, cable, television, radio,
and newspapers, broken down into colored charts or something, similar to
what they do with elections and wards and precincts.
There has been some stuff done about book publishing, magazines, and movies
because I posted something about this a couple of
years ago. However, I don't think you can really compare media companies to
cars or airlines.
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> > After reading this, I am now a supporter of Clear
> > Channel.  Obviously, they are much maligned and
> > someone has to get the truth out.  I feel so
> > ashamed at having thought badly of them. Mea Culpa!
> >
> > http://radio.about.com/cs/funradiothings/p/RadioMyths.htm
> >
> That's all right.  There are still plenty of other reasons to think badly
> them.
> Dan C.