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Re: Pro's & Kin's

A couple of days ago, I heard an "on the scene" report (on something or
other) on the CBS top-of-hour news on WBZ. I don't recall the reporter's
name (can't even remember whether I heard it), but I do recall clearly that
he said he was reporting "on the scene" from Dinuba CA. Now, if you've ever
been anywhere near Dinuba, which is somewhere in the Central Valley and is
big enough to have at least one radio station (probably several), you know
that Dinuba isn't pronounced the way anyone from outside the area would
guess. It's natural to guess Dih NEW buh, but that's wrong. The locals say
DIE new buh. But here's this guy on a network newscast on CBS radio who
proudly proclaims that he is "on the scene" in Dih NEW buh. Yeah, right. It
doesn't seem easy to be a reporter covering a story in a medium-sized town
and not hear SOMEBODY say the town's name. (When I was there, all you had to
do was listen to the radio; the name was in the radio stations' legal IDs.
But, of course, that was MANY years ago, when stations actually DID legal
IDs.) Maybe he heard the name but it sounded so foreign to him that he
couldn't grasp that what he was hearing was the name of the town.

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> SteveOrdinetz posted:
> >Yeah, just try and get people from "away" to pronounce "Concord" the
> >New England way.
> You mean is NOT "Concorde?"
> >Even including a phonetic doesn't help...you get all sorts of weird
> >pronunciations.  This seems equally true for "big time" voice talent
> >as well as Joe's Voiceovers, Inc.
> Then, there's the people from "away" that have no clue and
> voiced an ad about an event in Woburn at the junction of
> Routes 98 & 123.  (No, they didn't get Wobirn right, either)
> Now I know why Jojj Mahtell of Woobin Forrin Mohtahs does
> his own ads.