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Rush Limbo

I wonder how the Premier affiliates will take to Rush limbo of at least a month?
The guy on today is not bad, and there's a short list of others that can keep it
going, as they managed during Limbaugh's hearing lapse.  How unfortunate if it
is revealed that his very addiction, now announced, was the antecedent to his
permanent damage to his hearing.  Right about now, if my watch is correct, Rush
is communing with a bunch of white rabbits, voices of Christmases past, saying
"Duddle-ut, duddle-ut" for a whole bunch of other reasons.  Wish him well in his
rehab.  He's gonna need it.

Glenn Beck, also a Premier talker, is slugged in the Evan Thomas Newsweek
article as an up and comer or "heir apparant" to Rush.  Not sure if Boston hears
Beck, but I've caught him quite a bit here in both Burlington and Albany (WGY
carries 9-12, WXZO 10-12 after Imus.)  He's already come out as an alcoholic in
recovery and has spoken of drug use, as well.  He's clearly conservative, has a
NYTImes bestseller out on America, is not even 40 and can be funny.  Downsides -
can play up the drama a bit (he has been a wee bit weepy, at times) a dose of
self-importance  albeit blended with self-deprecating humor not found on the
EIB, ever.

Bill O'Neill