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Re: Rush Limbo

Bill O'Neill wrote:

>Glenn Beck, also a Premier talker, is slugged in the Evan Thomas Newsweek
>article as an up and comer or "heir apparant" to Rush.  He's already come 
>out as an alcoholic in
>recovery and has spoken of drug use, as well.  He's clearly conservative, 
>has a
>NYTImes bestseller out on America, is not even 40 and can be 
>funny.  Downsides -
>can play up the drama a bit (he has been a wee bit weepy, at times) a dose of
>self-importance  albeit blended with self-deprecating humor not found on the
>EIB, ever.

He's been doing much of that schtik even before he began his talk radio 
career.  When he was doing AM drive on KC-101 in New Haven in the mid-late 
90s he was playing up the recovering alcoholic bit, and could get a bit 
weepy at times.  Sounded a bit out of place on a CHR.  Don't get to hear 
his syndicated show very often (I think WGIR carries it, or at least they 
did), but when I've heard him I've found him entertaining.