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Re: Pro's & Kin's

SteveOrdinetz posted:
>Yeah, just try and get people from "away" to pronounce "Concord" the
>New England way.  
You mean is NOT "Concorde?"

>Even including a phonetic doesn't help...you get all sorts of weird 
>pronunciations.  This seems equally true for "big time" voice talent 
>as well as Joe's Voiceovers, Inc.

Then, there's the people from "away" that have no clue and 
voiced an ad about an event in Woburn at the junction of
Routes 98 & 123.  (No, they didn't get Wobirn right, either)

Now I know why Jojj Mahtell of Woobin Forrin Mohtahs does 
his own ads.