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Re: A favor

At 11:15 PM 10/14/03 -0400, Garrett Wollman wrote:
><<On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 22:28:08 -0400, Ron Bello <RBello@BelloAssoc.com> said:
> > Twice in the last week when leaving a relative's home,
> > trying to listen to the Red Sox game after sundown
> > there was virtually no signal for WEEI on the northern
> > side of Sudbury on route 27.
>Interesting.  Where I live in Framingham, pretty much on the
>Needham-Denver axis, the 850 signal is quite serviceable.  (Certainly
>by comparison to the 680 signal which at times is totally trashed.)
>The 850 night field in the direction of Acton is about eight times
>what it is toward me, but Acton is also about twice as far away, so
>Kevin's informant should be getting twice the signal, although that
>direction is on the cusp of the nighttime null.  (WYLF is a
>well-known offender.)

The Acton side of Sudbury is where I started and could not receive WEEI.
Going south on route 27 the signal got stronger.  This seems to be the 
of what is above.