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Re: Pro's & Kin's

Larry Weil wrote:

>>  Richard Chonak wrote:
>>> People used to fuss at NPR for calling one of the Central
>>> American countries "Nee-ka-rra-wah", so I guess they just like
>>> those Espanish-type pronunciaciones.
> If it's a Spanish speaking country, shouldn't they give it the correct 
> Spanish pronunciation?  Do we have to Anglicize everything just to 
> please some intolerant Americans?

There are well-established English-language pronunciations for a lot of foreign
place names.  Nobody says "Deutschland", "Rossiya", or "Italia" -- well, not if
they're reading the news with a straight face.

The English names and English pronunciations are the standard words for English 
speakers to use.   People who call it "intolerant"  -- well, _tu quoque_.