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re: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

>Aaron wrote:
>"but the execution was rocky due to a larger than anticipated resistance 
>from the student staff."

Dave wrote;
>I have been reading the various posts on this subject wth some interest, 
>being an alum of the station myself.
>Please, explain to me how student resistance contributed to the very poor 
>quality and execution of the Sunrise program, because I am missing this 

>Aaron responded:
>I will add a caveat first - I'm basing this speculation on what I've >read 
>on the official WJUL message boards at http://wjul.shoegaze.net
>The resistance is in the form that the station management (all >students 
>AFAIK) has apparently been attempting to raise holy hell over this >entire 
        >snip to keep it short<
Dave writes
Aaron, even if everything you posted were true it does NOT explain how student resistance contributed directly or indirectly to the fact that the Sun was unprepared to go on the air and put a product on that was an embarrassement! especially since there was NO STUDENT INVOLVEMENT in the program!